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Common Signs Your Child May Need an Eye Exam

Good eyesight is vital for reading, walking, playing, driving, and other activities crucial to life. Children require a clear vision to enjoy life and meet school demands. Most children do not understand they have eyesight problems and often assume low vision is normal. As a parent, you can identify signs that your child is struggling with their vision. 

How to Handle an Eye Emergency During a Sports Game

Thousands of people suffer eye injuries each day. The injuries can lead to partial or total vision loss. They can be sustained at work, in school, at home, and on the sports field.

5 Benefits of Professional Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eye syndrome affects the tears that cover the eye surface. When the eyes fail to produce enough tears, or when the tears evaporate too quickly, it leaves the eye surface dry. Dry eye is characterized by itching, burning, and a gritty sensation in the eye. Several remedies can relieve dry eye symptoms, but the results are often temporary. Treatment can help provide long-term relief. 

What to Expect During an Annual Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are vital for maintaining good eye health. During the exam, the doctor conducts several tests to assess ocular health. The tests determine if you need correction and look for signs of eye disease. The exam also allows eye care providers to evaluate the patient’s overall health. 

How Your Eye Doctor Diagnoses Glaucoma

Happy 2023! As you start the new year, it’s a common practice to assess what you’re most thankful for and consider goals and resolutions to guide you in the coming 12 months...

8 Ways To Protect Your Gift of Sight This Season

Optometrists often receive “eye-themed” cards and gifts for holidays and birthdays — and we love it. In December, we almost always get something that mentions the movie A Christmas Story...

Why It’s Time To Check Your Flex Spending Account Balance

Check your calendar: We’ll welcome 2023 in just a few short weeks. It’s time to ask yourself two questions: What do you need to get done before the end of December? What action steps can you take now to make your new year better?...

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

The US Centers for Disease Control estimate that there are 37.3 million Americans living with diabetes. That’s about 10% of our nation’s population! What’s worse: About one in five of those people are not aware that they have this dangerous chronic health condition...

How Does Diabetes Impact Your Eyes?

It’s November: Time to shine a light on how diabetes impacts your eyes during Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. Did you know that diabetes often affects a patient’s vision? And that uncontrolled diabetes is a top cause of blindness for people aged 74 and under...

What are Eye Floaters?

If you haven’t yet experienced floaters in the eye, it’s understandable that you may be puzzled about what they are and what they look like. However, as you age, floaters become more common...

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