Dry eye is the most prevalent eye disease in the developed world. The sources of dry eye come from virtually every activity that we participate throughout the day, from long hours of screen use, outside pollutant exposure, indoor lighting/air conditioning/heating, pets, medications, and various systemic diseases such as thyroid and arthritis.
Dry eye can be managed through a variety of treatments ranging from less involved self-care to minor surgical procedures depending on the cause and severity of the disease. At your comprehensive eye exam, the doctor will diagnose and form a treatment plan customized to your level of need. We specialize in the care of dry eye and are utilizing the most state of the art advanced techniques and procedures to achieve the best level of outcome for our patients. It is important to understand that dry eye is a chronic disease that must be maintained regularly for the most success.
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In some cases the Optometrist may recommend a Lipiflow Treatment. This is an out-of-pocket procedure that currently is not covered by medical insurance plans. This treatment is designed to address Meibomian Gland Dysfunction which at this time is the most common form of dry eye disease. It is a noninvasive and relaxing procedure intended to improve the patients’ ability to naturally revitalize normal tear production and begin to notice improvement within 3 weeks of treatment.