Signature facials 

All facials are customized to meet your individual skin care needs to improve skin and promote a sense of relaxation.

Custom        (60 min)         $75


Clarifying     (60 min)         $75

Anti-Aging   (60 min)         $90

Gentlemen  (60 min)         $55

Hydration     (60  min)        $75

Teen              (60 min)         $55

Back             (60 min)          $90   

Mini Facial   (30 min)          $30

laser hair removal

X-Small Area            $100/session

Upper lip, chin, sideburns, areola, toes


Small Area                 $175/session

Underarms, Bikini, Back of Neck, Beard/Jawline, Face (Lip+Chin+Sideburns).

Medium Area            $250/session

Face+Beard, Chest, Abdomen, 1/2 Back, Buttocks, 1/2 Leg, Full Arm, Brazilian.

Large Area                 $325/session

Full Leg, Back, Chest+Abdomen.

facial prp treatments

PRP = Platelet Rich Plasma

Blood is drawn from your arm and then placed into a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets. They then are used as a serum and injected back into the skin.

$600: Full Face (with microneedling using hyaluronic acid, PRP and PRP facial injections)

$400: Full Face (with microeedling using hyaluronic acid, PRP, no facial injections)

permanent makeup

Your esthetician will map out your brow shape by following your natural facial features, ensuring that the eyebrow frame is aesthetically pleasing and looks natural.

Microblading                           $399


Ombre Powder Brows           $399

6 Week Touch Up        No Charge

3-6 Month Touch Up             $100

9-12 Month Touch Up            $250



Collagen induction therapy that works as an invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps minimize the signs of aging, improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, pore size, skin tone and texture.

ipl photofacial 

Improves sun/age spots, uneven pigmentation, large pores, early signs of aging, rosacea, broken capillaries, and more! Requires no down time. 

Full Face                           $199


Face + Neck                      $350

Neck + Chest                    $250

Chest                                  $150

Hands                                 $99

Hands + Forearms            $250

Blush & Glow IPL              $250

Best for treating rosacea, sun damaged skin, large pores, age spots, facial veins, and wrinkles.



Non-invasive procedure that uses fine crystals to exfoliate skin, removing a layer of dead skin cells.


-Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

-Improves skin tone and texture

-Minimizes appearance of large pores

-Stimulates circulation and cell renewal

-Improves clogged pores, acne, scarring, & sun damage

Recommended with one of our 1 hour facials!



Starting at $80

Chemical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells from skin's surface.

Improves tone and texture, clears up breakouts, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates new collagen production, enables skin care products used at home to be more effective, and stimulates cellular turnover, resulting in the production of healthy, glowing skin.

Precision Peel               $130

This highly effective & non-irritating peel incorporates glycolic acid & retinyl (Vitamin A) enzyme for enhanced rejuvenation for almost any skin type.

custom chemical peels


Botox                                    $10/unit

Dermal Fillers                      $450

(non-cheek, price is per syringe)

                                              $850 (cheeks, price is per syringe)

Full Set                               $180


1 Week Touch Up             $40

2 Week Touch Up             $70

3 Week Touch Up            $100

lash extensions

Laser treatments 

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Face       Starting at $500

Face + Neck    Starting at $800

Face+Neck+Decolletage  Starting at $1,000

Neck    Starting at $300

Decolletage    Starting at $300

aka: Non-Surgical Face Lift!

Targets fine lines and wrinkles, age spots/sun damage, and scarring!

Spider & Leg Vein Removal

400/treatment     (2-4 treatments)

Tattoo Removal

Pricing for laser tattoo removals is based on the color, size, and location of your tattoo. Schedule a consultation with our esthetician to receive the most accurate pricing and number of sessions needed!

Spot Treatment

Starting at $50/session

Stubborn acne spots, cherry angiomas, telangiectasia, etc.

1-2 treatments.


Starting at $Injections used for permanent liplysis of fat in the chin area.80


Contact us to ask about our monthly specials!!

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